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Welcome to the BowlsDraw system.

  1. You are now at the function where you register a Tournament. Typical tournaments consist of a group of competitions that belong together. Examples of tournaments are:
    • A Bowls SA tournament e.g. Mens Nationals
    • Competitions for a bowls season, e.g. all competitions from October to the next September
  2. Within the tournament you have the option to group competitions, for example all Single competitions together, all Pairs competitions together, etc. As a default one group is created with the name 'Default group'. The name of this group can be changed. You can add more groups under 'Infrastructure' in the top menu.
  3. As a default an administrator is defined who will be the main administrator of the tournament. You have the option to add mutiple administrators under 'Infrastructure' in the top menu.
  4. After the tournament has been defined the main administrator will be logged in and you can start adding competitions.
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