Bowls Competition Draw and Administration  version 5
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Welcome to the BowlsDraw system

  1. The BowlsDraw system caters for administrating Lawn Bowls competitions. Competitions are grouped in Tournaments, e.g. Women's Nationals, Gauteng Open, District season (in the system we regard a season as a Tournament) and club competitions.
  2. Tournaments are separated between Current Tournaments and History Tournaments. Under each of these headings Tournaments are listed under Hosting Districts. Club Tournaments are listed under the relevant District.
  3. Where a Tournament consists of many competitions the system allows competitions to be grouped, e.g. Singles, Pairs, etc. These groups then consist of the actual competitions, e.g. Women Open singles, Mixed Pairs, etc.
  4. After registering a Competitions and defining it's peculiarities, the competition has a life cycle consisting of:
    1. Capturing entries. This can be done centrally or directly by registered clubs. Entries are done by capturing the BSA number(s) of player(s). Validation is performed on the validity of inter alia Gender and Age.
    2. Doing the draw. Usually an automated draw is done.
    3. Scheduling the competition. This is done by allocating sections to hosting clubs, allocating greens and rinks, scheduling dates and times.
    4. Finalizing the draw.
    5. Recording withdrawals and entering late entries to replace withdrawals.
    6. Recording results. Again this can be done either centrally or directly by the hosting clubs.
  5. The following can be printed directly from the system. These PDF reports can be linked to your Districts website and will always contain the latest information.
    1. Entry lists (Detail and summary)
    2. Section lists
    3. Results, both Round Robin and Knockout.
    4. Scorecards.
    5. Pre-printed declaration forms
  6. Facilities exist to send results to the press in a format acceptable by them, making it easy for the press to print the results directly from the email they receive.
  7. The system also makes provision for rating players based on their results in the various copetitions administrated by the system. Parameters on which the rating is to be based are captured by you the user.
  8. Users of the system are billed only once a competition starts based on the actual entries for that competition.
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